Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin


Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet & 7-tette

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet (THB, Jim Hobbs, Bill Lowe, Tomas Fujiwara, Ken Filiano, Mary Halvorson)

Purchase or sample the latest release: Navigation, a 4-album set on Firehouse 12 Records

  • Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet, compositions
  • Jim Hobbs - alto saxophone
  • Bill Lowe - bass trombone, tuba
  • Mary Halvorson - guitar
  • Ken Filiano - bass
  • Tomas Fujiwara - drums
  • with 7-tette: Chad Taylor - drums, vibraphone

The Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet (now occasionally a 7-tette) has been Bynum’s primary working ensemble since 2005, and has toured throughout the USA and Europe. Navigation (release date: 11/12/13, on Firehouse 12 Records) is the group’s fourth recording, following the critically acclaimed releases The Middle Picture (Firehouse 12, 2007), Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (hatOLOGY, 2008), and Apparent Distance (Firehouse 12, 2011).

The Sextet and 7-tette bring together some of the finest musicians from the Boston and New York scenes, demonstrating a remarkable diversity of backgrounds and generations, with members of the group born in every decade from the 1940s to the ‘80s. All the musicians are composers and bandleaders in their own right, and have collaborated with some of the most admired figures in creative music, including Muhal Richard Abrams, Fred Anderson, Bill Barron, Tim Berne, Bobby Bradford, Anthony Braxton, Connie Crothers, Thad Jones, Warne Marsh, Myra Melford, Nicole Mitchell, Jason Moran, Marc Ribot, Roswell Rudd, Pharoah Sanders, Cecil Taylor, Henry Threadgill, and countless others.

The group’s latest release is a four-album, multi-format set, documenting four different versions of Bynum’s modular composition Navigation, recorded over two days, December 7 and 8, 2012. The live Sextet recordings (subtitled Possibility Abstracts X & XI) are available as a limited edition double- LP, and the studio 7-tette recordings (Possibility Abstracts XII & XIII) are available as a double-CD. The entire four-album set is available digitally, and buyers of either the LPs or CDs will receive a complimentary download coupon for the entire body of music.

Bynum writes: “My desire in writing Navigation was to maximize the freedom, choice, and agency of the performing musicians while maintaining the challenges and rewards of compositional structure. The composition is broken into six movements…Each movement has a markedly different sonic identity, with notational styles ranging from traditional to graphic to cartographic. However, while the materials within each section are pre-composed, the overall structure and order of Navigation is modular and improvisational in nature, so each performance creates a markedly different version of the music. What to play next and how to play it is the real-time decision of the members of the ensemble. (This only works with artists of exceptional creativity and musicianship, and it is my ongoing good fortune to have such brilliant and trusted collaborators.)”

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