Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin


Illegal Crowns


Illegal Crowns

  • Mary Halvorson - guitar
  • Tomas Fujiwara - drums
  • Benoît Delbecq - piano
  • Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet

“Taylor Ho Bynum, guitarist Mary Halvorson, pianist Benoit Delbecq, and drummer Tomas Fujiwara – improvise and interact with relaxed alertness, finely judging time, texture, line, and ensemble density to make music comprised of separate personal voices that cohere into a lively whole. Their every gesture is defined, specific, and placed within the flow of music so it harmonizes with what surrounds it. Sure there’s tension and release and dissonance and noise, but there’s never a clash or an element out of place.” (Ed Hazell, Point of Departure)

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    Illegal Crowns

    Rogue Art (2016)