Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin


Masters of Ceremony

Quartet Collective Taylor Ho Bynum Rachel Bernsen Melanie Maar Abraham Gomez-Delgado

Masters of Ceremony (formerly Quartet Collective) unites four artists across disciplines as equal partners in a shared endeavor: Rachel Bernsen, Melanie Maar, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, and Taylor Ho Bynum. The ensemble got together to experiment with doing and undoing music and dance in performance. Performing together in various venues since 2011, the group practices spontaneous action as a way to experience and share composition and choreography in the moment, continuously seeking a collective consciousness as well as individual presence. Scores, principles and structures are both developed and discarded, as the search for a transdisciplinary understanding of risk and relationship, dialogue and intention, keeps this collective on its toes and ears.