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Navigation Press

I’m very pleased that Navigation has been receiving some unusually thoughtful and in-depth commentaries and reviews. Here are some excerpts and links to the full articles.

“Bynum has produced something that belongs to a special category, a masterpieces, a work that can shimmer into new identities, bringing multiple narratives into view.” – Stuart Broomer, Point of Departure

“Rather than presenting the work as fixed in time, self-contained and permanent, Navigation documents the evanescent yet transformative power of improvisational music.  Not just highly recommended—Navigation is essential listening for anyone interested in state-of-the-art musical expression.” – Roger Coleman, NuVoid

“Throughout the piece, Bynum doesn’t allow the listener to dwell too long in any moment, choosing to steer back and forth from the traditional to newer waters…I’ve listened to it many times during the last five days, and though it is a cliché to say it, every time it evokes a different emotion in me.” – Caio Higginson, New Music Box

“Bynum is one strong composer, that I knew, but here he achieves an unparalleled level.” – François Couture, Monsieur Délire

“Cornettist Taylor Ho Bynum has stood on the right hand of Bill Dixon and Anthony Braxton, two of the most rigorous thinkers/composer/bandleaders to come out of the New Thing. This project’s ambition would likely please both mentors…The performances are uniformly spirited and studded with surprises.” – Bill Meyer, The Wire

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