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Journey’s Eve

Yesterday I took my final training ride (coming out at exactly 1000 miles for the summer, a nice, auspicious round number!), and had the fine folks at the Devil’s Gear Bike Store do one last tune up before I hit the road. I definitely had the first moments of panic set in this week(“what the hell am I thinking”), but I actually really love that feeling. At this point, I’ve toured enough that it’s impossible not to get slightly jaded, or at least take it for granted. This time, I have the same butterflies that I had at my very first travels, with the unasnwered question of whether I will actually be able to pull this off. It feels good.

So tonight, I’m in Canada…perhaps not the smartest thing to do the night before starting a two-week bike/music journey in a different country. But the wonderful electronic music pioneer Bob Ostertag asked me to join him in a quartet at the Guelph Festival, with Sylvie Courvoirsier and Jim Black, and I couldn’t resist the temptation of playing with such great musicians, all for the first time. The 3am lobby call at the hotel to get to the airport tomorrow morning scares me a little bit, but I’m sure the music tonight will make it worth it.

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