Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin

Spectacle-Abstract Forest w/Joe Morris & Stephen Haynes

Real Arts Ways (website) 05.24.14 @ 6:00pm

56 Arbor St
Hartford,CT USA
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Spectacle gathers past performers and friends of Improvisations, the monthly series curated by Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes, for a festival-style evening of “Free Music.”

Over 15 musicians will gather to play in a variety of small ensembles over the course of the event, culminating in a collective performance by the entire group, playing as the Abstract Forrest orchestra.

Guest musicians include:

Jerome Deupree | drums and percussion
Tatsuya Nakatani | drums and percussion
Taylor Ho Bynum | cornet
Ben Stapp | tuba
Mat Maneri | violin
Daniel Levin | cello
Andria Nicodemou | vibraphone
Chris Cretella | guitar
Brad Barrett | bass
Minta White | flute
Joelle Wagner | bassoon
Zoe Christianson | clarinet
Sean Sonderagger | reeds
Matt Chilton | reeds
Daniel Pencer | reeds
Matt Plummer | trombone