Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin

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Djerassi Diary (Day 24)

A fantastically beautiful day. I had a great run and a nice workout, so decided to treat myself to a lunchtime beer; a crisp summer lager to go with my avocado and cheddar sandwich (with a touch of spicy dijon and creamy hummus). Deeply satisfying.

As I put my feet up on a rock and toasted my shins, I noticed a lizard sunning itself beside me, equally content. Just as I was popping a chip in my mouth, wishing I could offer one to the lizard to share my repast, it leaped off the rock (shocking speed and grace on such a lazy day) and devoured a passing bug. Lunchtime for all. It returned to its rock, choosing the shade this time.

I finished my beer, and let the empty bottle whistle in the soft breeze.

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