Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin


The Acoustic Bicycle Tour

Taylor Ho Bynum Acoustic Bicycle Tour

August 28-October 1, 2014

The Acoustic Bicycle Tour is an ongoing performance journey where I travel solely on bicycle, presenting solo concerts and playing with ensembles of area musicians. The endeavor is an act of composition, a performance art piece, a philosophical statement, a celebration of musical community, and an exercise in extreme physicality. For me, there are clear analogies between choosing to travel by bike and choosing to pursue a career in creative music: the trip may be slower and more arduous, but it is ultimately more rewarding in its acoustic pleasures and unexpected delights.

In September 2010, I undertook one of the more unusual projects of my career: a two-week, 800-mile performance journey to all six New England states traveling only by bicycle. I presented my music every night, playing in venues ranging from state parks to art galleries to concert halls. Upon completion of the trip, I realized the composition was still a work-in-progress; I want to refine and expand the concept, bringing it to more parts of the US and potentially abroad.

From August 28 to October 1, 2014, I will make a five-week, 1800-mile West Coast Acoustic Bicycle Tour, going border to border from Vancouver, Canada to the Mexican border. More info coming soon!