Taylor Ho Bynum

*Photo by Peter Gannushkin


Taylor Ho Bynum’s PlusTet

photo credit: Dylan McLaughlin

Enter the Plustet on Firehouse 12 Records available here!

  • Nate Wooley & Stephanie Richards - trumpets
  • Vincent Chancey - French horn
  • Steve Swell - trombone
  • Bill Lowe - bass trombone, tuba
  • Jim Hobbs, Ingrid Laubrock, & Matt Bauder - saxophones
  • Jason Kao Hwang - violin
  • Tomeka Reid - cello
  • Jay Hoggard - vibraphone
  • Mary Halvorson - guitar
  • Ken Filiano - bass
  • Tomas Fujiwara - drums
  • THB - composer, conductor, cornet

The PlusTet is the expansion of THB’s core sextet into a creative orchestra, bringing together some of the finest musicians on the planet to travel fresh avenues of sonic exploration, balancing the spontaneous and the pre-determined in an organic whole.

“Bynum has adapted the big band to send some messages about the collective effort, historical awareness, present focus and defiance of convention that it will take to make the world work in this contemporary moment…4 stars.” (Bill Meyer, Downbeat)

“Enter The PlusTet is a powerful statement of intent from a fiercely talented crew. Building a 15 piece ensemble around his regular sextet, cornettist and composer Taylor Ho Bynum writes with an orchestral flair that recalls Ellington, Mingus and Chris McGregor…approaching the big band tradition with the appropriate combination of irreverence and love.” (Stewart Smith, The Wire)

“The music down not always ‘swing’ in conventional terms but is the child of Threadgill and Braxton as well as Miles Davis or Max Roach…rich, fascinating, challenging, all of it…one of the 20 ‘best’ jazz records of 2016.” (Will Layman, PopMatters)

“To listen to a Taylor Ho Bynum performance is to traverse a chaotic alien landscape. Bynum works with a strange geometry; his pieces have a definitive shape and form, but they’re also utterly indescribable…There are passages when the perpetual deconstruction marries to a melodic inspiration, and suddenly the music sprouts up with new life, new direction—then it heads back out into the great unknown and begins the process all over again…Best of Bandcamp Jazz, October 2016.” (Dave Sumner, Bandcamp Daily)

“Offers the same ambitious sprawl as Braxton’s early work…showing exceptional facility with a diverse range of styles and smartly presenting them in a large ensemble setting.” (Martin Johnson, The Wall Street Journal)

“A rich textural odyssey featuring a 15-­piece orchestra…It’s a grand statement.” (Nate Chinen, The New York Times)

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